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Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 / Список участников / GRACE ATELIER DE LUXE
Luxury Lifestyle Awards


The designer behind grace atelier de luxe, fiori p.k., is inspired by heterogenous factors, her diverse roots being the predominant one. Greek-born, with italian and egyptian roots she expresses her personal style by mixing the three cultures in an eclectic and sometimes imbalanced way. Fiori is fascinated by the clean, understated geometric lines of the egyptian and ancient greek architecture, while the opulent italian interior design history influenced her dramatically and emboldened her love for gold-tone and brass hues, materials such as marble and precious stones, carvings and intricate detailing in general. The french art deco style has also had a very strong impact on fiori’s aesthetic, as it combines geometry and symmetry with lavish ornamentations.

All grace atelier de luxe bags are designed to be a classic fashion item for the years to come. Fiori aspires to create pieces that will be passed from mother to daughter. Fiori’s view of perfection is about being slightly

Imperfect: one-of-a-kind irregular stones, rare uneven leathers and hand-braiding are some of the features that make each of her bags unique.

Finally, fiori is encouraging traditional handcrafting techniques and a slow-pace production, which definitely doesnt reduce costs, but allows craftsmen to work like artisans. She makes sure that everyone involved is happy, satisfied and proud of his or her work.


We are an exclusive brand of high-end ready-to-wear clothing, accessories and fine jewellery, while we offer bespoke services for handpicked clients in our atelier at the centre of Athens, Kolonaki, in Greece. Our bespoke services are only offered to clients who are proposed by other Grace Atelier De Luxe clients- as a result we end up having an exclusive clientele for which we design and produce one-off bridal and evening gowns as well as jewellery and accessories. Our brand products were recently included in the luxury website, the “IT LIST” of TATLER UK and also, our head designer Fiori PK (launching the FW1415 handbag collection) was selected by Sara Maino — senior fashion editor of VOGUE ITALIA — among the winners of the VOGUE TALENTS/WOWCRACY contest. As far as the GRACE EDITION line of printed clutches are concerned, our respective products are carefully made in a slow pace production with extra attention in every little detail. Most fabrics are hand-woven silk clothes and the embellishments used on the clutches are either hand-set semi-precious stones or gold-plated handmade elements. We have recently had a lot of exposure through the social media and international press and as a result we have been offered a lot of collaboration opportunities. However we are working hard to handpick our points of sale and we are trying to maintain the exclusivity of the line by producing limited edition styles which we distribute globally. Also, we participate in high-end pop-up boutiques in luxury destinations like Gstaad, Saint-Tropez, Mykonos and in private shows for companies such as VOGUE UK.