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Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 / Список участников / Fili Plaza
Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Fili Plaza

Fili Plaza manages in all his work to elaborate an emotive work taking care very much of the expressiveness of the materials that it uses, of sculptural jewels or of sculptures that turn into jewels. It combines the natural elements with exquisite sensibility providing them with a feeling and emotion, the telluric energies that contain the materials and the sensuality his forms.

Fili Plaza transports us to subtle worlds where some of his figures us arose certain introspection and other liberation, where the meeting and the embrace reduce the rela-tions. The erosions of the life like the air that happens across his jewels and sculptures so that the light crosses his transparencies and as the colors they flood the same ones. But in addition, in his dualities, it teaches us that his jewels — sculptures can express and transmit feelings.