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Ancient Tastes

Ancient Greek Cuisine

It was he along with his wife Souli Adami, a great supporter of the idea, who out of curiosity, admiration and respect for our ancestors decided to seriously pursue the matter. After all, they knew that gastronomy is an intrinsic part of people’s culture. Their attempt was truly bold. Of course, being the first to create something is always bold. Fortunately, our legacy of ancient literature is very rich. Weren’t these people eating? they wondered. Not only they were eating but they had elevated food into sheer pleasure. Numbers only (21,000 citizens and 400,000 slaves) reveal that Athenians did not need to work as modern people do and so they would devote large part of their time to philosophy, good food and wine.

In order for Archeon Gefsis (Ancient Tastes) to become a reality, a large number of specialized scientists such as linguists, archaeologists, architects and tasters put a considerable amount of time into studying rare manuscripts with the aim to collect recipes and identify the eating habits of ancient Greeks. For this purpose the team of Ioannis and Souli Adamis even visited libraries abroad.

As research progressed their surprise and admiration grew bigger! Never would they have imagined they would find so much information on ancient Greek gastronomy. It is enough to say that a publication called Deipnosophistes consists of 15 volumes exclusively on ancient abbreviations and customs. Enjoy your meal, or as ancient Greeks used to say evdipnias!.