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Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 / Список участников / 1711 Ti Sana Detox Retreat & Spa
Luxury Lifestyle Awards

1711 Ti Sana Detox Retreat & Spa

Healtheatarian, a life choice!

Ti Sana’s Healtheatarian project rises from the need of merging the scientific research (science based evidence medicine) with the holistic world of alternative medicine, who sees the whole human body as an interconnected system, who controls health, but it lacks of scientific evidence.

The Healtheatarian nutritional program at Ti Sana, is unique because it does not consider all the human beings identical. This is why Ti Sana does not prescribe standard food regimes, supplements, physical activities and treatments for to each individual guest.

Ti Sana’s programs allows our guests to revitalize the body from the damages suffered during our modern lifestyle and to prevent the absorption and accumulation of toxins. Ti Sana offers programs of Lifestyle management, in order not to overestimate the detoxification's innate capacity of our body but to learn how to take care properly of own quality of life and slowing aging. Ti Sana thanks to sophisticated diagnostic systems, is able to define in which way every individual is reacting to the various attacks come with our daily wrong choices, we monitor and direct the improvements, thanks to the personalized treatments.

The results obtained and certified by our detox guests are amazing!!

From the documented guest sample we certified:

  • Significant decrement of the cardiovascular risk, of 50%
  • Type II diabetes reduction of 58%
  • Average body weight loss of 4%
  • Loss of 6,6% of fat mass and 7,2% of visceral adipose tissue (AAT), this measure it is an extremely important result in order to reduce the cardiovascular risk;
  • No Free fat mass loss;
  • At Ti Sana the 85% of the guests lose fat mass and insignificant free fat mass, most of the guests maintain or develop muscles.


Today as before, it is the passion of the Amedeo D’Angelo’s family, to make of this site a jewel and an exclusive mansion. Ti Sana Detox Retreat keeps an ancient and refined charm, giving to all its guests a warm welcoming and an immediate feeling of wellness.

Alessandro Manzoni devoted some of the most beautiful pages of ‘to the Adda river. The nature of the place and the environment rises from an innate elegance and escapes from every ostentation, where the attention paid to each guest is the result of a culture made of sincere and warm hospitality. The choice of the foods strictly follows the seasons and the traditions, respecting the human being and its nature” Exactly like it is at Ti Sana, our approach inspire in people harmony and the individual balance as the first vital sign, omitting fashion and exteriority.

“1711 Ti Sana Detox Retreat & SPA” represents a page of history which is going on to be written today and everyday, for its guest and friends.


Ti Sana Detox Retreat has 22 amazing rooms among which 1 Imperial Suite and 3 Exclusive Suites, equipped with luxurious comforts, projected and realized to offer to the guests a stay in warm relax. The rooms, spacious and all different one from the other, are real art works of furniture, characterized by a refined contemporary design and by an extremely elegant choice of lights and chromatic combinations.

A real touch of extreme elegance for your Detox stay.

All the rooms are placed inside the borough 1711 and supplied with independent accesses.

Activities and free time

At Ti Sana Detox retreat there will not be time to get bored.

Cooking classes

A right alimentation is fundamental for a healthy lifestyle. Our chef Valeria proposes unforgettable moments of cuisine, during which you will be allowed to learn and to know the best techniques for a healthy food regime.

Tasty and colorful course, imaginative receipts for the whole family. Even your children will be surprised! Social events where you can cook and taste easy-to-replicate courses, to avoid several unsuccessful attempts at home. We do not ever suggest recipes too complex or too long to prepare, but only easy and ideal solutions to keep an optimum life quality and health through food.

Educational: The target of the proposed educational sessions are to transfer knowledge and consciousness in a simple and concrete way, giving tools, that are easy to use during the daily life. The complete path includes the meeting about how to understand your own body composition and the level of stress, evaluating the results of the BIA and the TOMEEX tests, the meeting is dedicated to the comprehension of how we do get ill and to how we can invert this process. We transfer knowledge on how to prepare your own nutritional program with simple rules. You shall have an initial presentation about the motivation of Ti Sana philosophy, and one on detox’s origin and the ancient Ayurveda medicine.

Live experiences: we organize meetings with testimonies of those who achieved their goals in completely change their own lifestyles marrying the Healtheatarian philosophy. Thanks to these talks you will be able to feel how it is like and to see the advantages coming to you from this program.

Weekly excursion: During your stay you will apply your vested knowledge outside Ti Sana, in amazing places to visit. We will be glad to go with our guests in discovering the wonderful cities of Milan, Bergamo, Como or Lecco.


Healthy activity for your physical and psychological wellness. Mario and the fitness team will work with you, during your stay, to reach a better physical shape. Ti Sana Detox Retreat offers not only a small gym, but also the possibility to practice different daily activities:

Nordic Walking: the air along the Adda River is ionized thanks to the flowing water, it helps in detoxing the lungs and in oxygenating the tissues.

Hypertrophic gym classes: therapeutic activity to increase the muscular mass. This training is different from every other muscular bracing activity for its rehabilitative and therapeutic purpose.

Rebounding: physical activity for all the cells, the circulatory and the lymphatic systems. Perfect for all the ages and all the prior physical preparation.

Fitness classes: The aerobic activity is always part of a good program of intense physical training. Funny, it burns calories considering a total body approach.

Lian Gong: a series of exercises from the traditional Chinese disciplines to improve the self-consciousness and the breathing, combining it with stretching techniques. Very useful, during the evening it will decrease the cortisol levels.

Qi Gong: the practice involves a rhythmic and coordinate respiration with slow repetitions of fluid movements, a state of conscious calm, and the visualization of the Chi through the body. This practice aligns the breath, the movements, and the consciousness of the exercise, the healing and the meditation.

Yoga: A fluid and meditative style of hatha yoga to purify the body, bring balance, mental peace and physical flexibility!

Personal Trainer: Our private personal trainer will be happy of create with you a personalized and effective program (for a fee). You should always keep in mind your sportive, healthy and beauty goals.

Meeting & Events

For every job meeting there are specific needs that justify the choice of its location, that in general we can summarize as: reachability, atmosphere, building’s functionality, cuisine and no-working activities, finalized to outdoor team building activities, training and personal growth experience.

Only 30 km from Milan, Ti Sana Detox Retreat & Spa is the ideal place to host the more exclusive residential meetings.

The retreat, surrounded by the green, has a meeting room whose capacity is 50 seats.

The space is extremely functional, with wi-fi connection, videoconference suitable and office service. Competence and attention to details complete the flawless service, while the little pastry gladdens the coffee-breaks served in our outside courtyard, in our bar or at the restaurant.

Noosphere room: 50 seats with natural light

Tools and services: free internet wi-fi, videoconference, teleconference, amplification, audio-video projection, office service disposition, Windows PC, little room for secretariat, flip chart.

Packages and activities: training, team building, outdoor, events, meeting, possibility of organize post-congress, gala evenings, shows, excursions, etc...

Services: coffee break, business lunch, buffet, lunch, dinner and aperitifs.