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Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 / Список участников / LEGEND.
Luxury Lifestyle Awards


Located in the heart of the “golden mile” of Jurmala, surrounded by respectable villas, the apartment complex LEGEND. creates an integrated environment where all parts meet the highest demands of comfort and security, enveloped by world-class architecture and design.

Architect of the quarter was given a task to transfer the uniqueness of the legendary personalities of the 20th century into architectural shapes and forms: Winston Churchill, Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Ernest Hemingway. Thereby, LEGEND. is not replicas of architectural styles, but composition of characteristic accents and details throughout new and modern forms.

The apartment complex LEGEND. is formed by numerous buildings including three apartment buildings, Villa Churchill, Villa Hepburn, Villa Dietrich, a private villa, named Villa Hemingway, a club house with a restaurant Villa Tiffany. The complex on the coast of Jurmala has no rivals. The sophisticated and modern architecture, luxurious interiors, flawless construction quality and decorations, natural materials and 'green' technologies, as well as VIP-concierge service — all of this allow the residents of LEGEND. to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life. All details comply with the highest European demands for comfort and safety, as well as international standards for world-class architecture and design.


By creating the complex LEGEND., architect Ugis Zabers has paid a tribute to the traditions of classical English architecture, original Jurmala style and modern conceptualism, signing it all with his individual and recognizable signature. LEGEND. is a symphony of five buildings created by architect Ugis Zabers.

The main villa of the apartment block carries the name of Winston Churchill and is located closest to the sea. It is an architectural dedication to the politician, writer, philanthropist, and Nobel Prize winner. Villa Churchill — it is a modern interpretation of the British style.

Villa Hepburn — a tribute to the naturalness and charm of the inimitable Audrey Hepburn; a tribute to the admiration of the woman as an actress and a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. The openwork decoration of the building refers to the refined style of Audrey, and the classic “lace” of the historical architecture of Jurmala. The geometry of the facades and accuracy of shapes and lines are suggested by Piet Mondrian’s abstract painting.

The passionate and controversial actress and singer Marlene Dietrich knew how to appreciate luxury and comfort like no one else; attaching a great importance to detail. The sublime Villa Dietrich is laconic and mysterious. The fused tinted glass of the building facades acquires texture; it plays and sparkles in the sun just as the luxurious outfits of Marlene Dietrich.

The private residence, named Villa Hemingway, has an almost incredible story. From its “birth” this monument of national importance was like two drops of water with the famous Cuban home of the greatest American writer of the 20th century — Ernest Hemingway. This visual similarity was strengthened further, and the design of interiors was decorated in a nautical theme, much loved by the writer.

The name Tiffany, after the iconic film “Breakfast at Tiffany's”, has become a household name. Villa Tiffany is a restored architectural monument and a uniting image of the project that embodies the beauty and joy of life.

The residential complex LEGEND. located in Jurmala — the most eco-friendly city of the Baltic states, an elegant and developing European resort, which is growing in popularity. Surrounded by respectable villas, the apartment complex LEGEND. creates an integrated environment where all parts meet the highest demands of comfort and security, enveloped by world-class architecture and design.

LEGEND. brings insouciance to the life its owners, providing a wide range of premium class services: private beach, its own spa with a pool, saunas, treatment rooms, cardio trainer hall and a hall for yoga, a restaurant, VIP-level concierge service, as well as underground parking, guest parking and personal storage. Infrastructure will seamlessly merge with the club system.

The project LEGEND. puts a special emphasis on creation of the environment: solemn main entrances, access to the beach, British traditional gardening, design objects, vintage cars. In order to create an atmosphere, there is an antique Rolls Royce in front of the Villa Churchill, and in the children’s playground — a London cab for the young car enthusiasts. Tenants will be provided with bicycles produced in 1930s by a British company Pashley.

The apartment complex LEGEND. is located in a quiet and respectable area of Jurmala, its fully enclosed territory is guarded 24/7. Surveillance cameras have been installed along the perimeter of the territory, in the underground parking and the guest parking, as well as in the children’s playground. According to the contract with the security company, around-the-clock monitoring will be carried out to prevent unauthorized entry into the territory.