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Only best companies and brands which meet requirements of sophisticated and demanding consumers of luxury goods and services become the nominees and winners of the award.
The goal of this unique Award is to form an open, transparent and professional market of luxury goods and services on the territory of European countries, and development of international cooperation.

We are happy to welcome Sara Naguib, Restaurant General Manager of Sachi Restaurant, Egypt

Sachi Restaurant has won the Golden Crown in the Luxury Restaurant category at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. Sara Naguib, Restaurant General Manager of Sachi Restaurant, believes that working in a luxury sphere as well as competing at the LLA needs creative mind and gives a huge portion of adrenaline.

What is “luxury” to you? How do you define it in your sector of business?

Luxury has to deal with every single detail in the restaurant. Every element needs to be luxurious and taken care of. Customers have become very attentive to the smallest things in a restaurant. It does not necessarily have to be expensive, but it has to show the amount of creativity, time and study that was spent on every item to give you the luxury you want.

Is it challenging for you to compete with the companies of your own country? Do you feel ready to enter competition on international level?

Well, having been in the business in Egypt for the past 14 years, every day is competition. We always have to be on our toes and on alert to do our best every day, week, month and year. Competition is everywhere, local and international, but to go international, higher standards need to be reached in the hospitality business to be able to compete. In short, yes I'm ready

Lately the phrase “affordable luxury” is widely used, do you think that it is appropriate for your business industry?

With the economy being on the downside the past few years, people have become more sensitive to the price; however still want to get the same luxury. It’s all psychology at the end, which leads us to the saying "affordable luxury", which we tend to communicate at times indirectly to our customers. They feel it of course with level of food quality, drinks, interior and so forth, and once they feel it they don't complain.

What are the 5 pillars does the luxury brand like yours build its policy on?

There are hospitality, attention to details, food quality, service, and ambiance.

Tell us 3 reasons why you decided to work in the sphere of luxury?

The adrenaline and challenge we get while building a concept from paper to reality is fantastic. The daily challenges and creativity we need to one up with to keep people entertained is phenomenal and the PR side of the business is sensational.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Real successful business modules in the business and travelling.

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