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Only best companies and brands which meet requirements of sophisticated and demanding consumers of luxury goods and services become the nominees and winners of the award.
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SensAsia Urban Spa wins a precious gift to its anniversary

SensAsia Urban Spa is the largest independent spa chain in the UAE, which celebrates a sparkling 12 years of prosperous business in 2016. And a Golden Crown that company won at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards would definitely be one of the happiest memories of the first dozen years of its success.

With its four uber-chic day spa locations, located in premium city spots throughout Dubai, SensAsia offers a sensory journey through blissfully indulgent experiences – stemming from Balinese grace, Japanese elegance and Thai tradition. It all began with The Village, Jumeirah, where founder Salina Handa created the ultimate sanctuary for health and wellness-savvy ‘Jumeirah Janes’ back in 2004.

The SensAsia family then spread to Emirates Golf Club and Palm Jumeirah, where there are dedicated spas for men along with beautiful couples’ suites, and the latest to launch Downtown Dubai hub of Souk Al Manzil. SensAsia Urban Spa has been named Best Spa and Favourite Spa by Ahlan! and What’s On magazines, as well as picking up the Middle East Spa Award on consecutive years and the Middle East Spa Award for Best Independent Spa 2015.

SensAsia Urban Spa is highly appraised by its visitors and now wants to prove its exclusiveness with getting a Luxury Lifestyle Award.

Salina Handa, Founder and Managing Director expresses her point of view about possible influence of participation in the Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

In your opinion, what effect can participation in the Luxury Lifestyle Awards have on your business development?

As an independent, UAE-born spa chain – in a sea of five-star hotels – it is vital that SensAsia Urban Spas stand out. Industry awards programs like Luxury Lifestyle are a 'stamp of approval’ for both our clients and competitors, which could just be the deciding factor on why choose to walk through the SensAsia doors. They are also a great morale booster for our teams, providing much-deserved recognition, and something we can collectively be very proud of.

Is there any positive tendency in the development of the local luxury market?

The Middle East is a market producing top notch hotels, with huge budgets for internal spas, at super speed. Yet, at SensAsia, we have learnt – via first-hand feedback from our long-term and loyal clients – that the need for specialized and highly-skilled spas professionals has never been greater. It has been almost 12 years since the first ever SensAsia Urban Spa was launched. Since then, we have constantly evolved and adapted our treatments and services to make sure the SensAsia ‘journey’ is a personal one that helps both ladies and gents feel their very best, look younger, and, ultimately, stay ahead of the game.

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