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An outstanding award for an outstanding restaurant

Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind has been defined as the best Luxury Restaurant in Oman. Now the Luxury Lifestyle Award trophy takes a respectable place among the prizes restaurant won earlier.

Qureshi Bab Al-Hind is not just a cuisine but an experience that goes beyond the mere satisfaction of appetite to the realm of sensuality: an evocative presentation of aromas, flavours and textures.

Qureshi Bab Al-Hind, within the first year of its launch into the Oman market, has been awarded as “The Best Restaurant – North Indian” by the Oman Restaurant Awards committee. It went through over 4lacs public votes and strict judgement criteria of the 5 mystery judges to come at the top of the list.

And now, in 2016, it gets a Golden Crown - an amazing piece of jewellery art.

It is a royal treat to dine at Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind where the slow cooked select food is served in a classy style with a lot of care and attention right in front of the customers in the live kitchen.

The restaurant is fully licensed and serves exquisite alcoholic beverages with a connoisseur’s select wines paired with the delicacies.

Along with royal couches, spacious and comfortable dining environment, we offer two luxurious private dining rooms for groups and families.

Since this restaurant is collaborated with the Qureshi and is a part of the renowned luxury 5 star business hotel, Hormuz Grand Hotel – a part of the new Luxury Quorvus Collection of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, we have all facilities in the hotel to make it a memorable dining experience for our guests.

The Qureshi clan is today renowned throughout India and the family are master chefs with businesses in Delhi, Malaysia, Oman and UAE. Carrying forward this culinary torch of excellence are Grand Master Chef Imtiaz Qureshi’s two sons, Ashfaque Qureshi and Irfan Qureshi. Like their father, both are grand masters in this unique and historic cuisine. They have opened restaurants in top international hotels and treated hundreds and thousands of people with their culinary excellence. Adding to the generations of heritage, the two brothers were more formally trained, and have a solid grounding in Continental cuisine. Keeping up with modern trends, they are not afraid to make their cuisine lighter, to appeal to a new generation of international diners.

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