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Only best companies and brands which meet requirements of sophisticated and demanding consumers of luxury goods and services become the nominees and winners of the award.
The goal of this unique Award is to form an open, transparent and professional market of luxury goods and services on the territory of European countries, and development of international cooperation.

Mohamed Mahmood: “It is important to wait for the right time”

Has been awarded as the best Luxury Interior Design Company from Bahrain at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, Beckett Interiors aims to expand into new markets.

Mohamed Mahmood, Managing Director of this Interior Design company from Bahrain, expresses his point of view about influence of participation in the Luxury Lifestyle Award and also tells about challenges and a true danger that jeopardizes the luxury market.

What is “luxury” to you? How do you define it in your sector of business?

To us "luxury" is not just one thing, it’s not just a product nor just a service but it’s more of an experience. For example when you walk into a hotel like the Ritz and they greet you as soon as you walk in and lead you all the way through until you are settled in your room, it’s the whole experience that you go through that makes something luxurious. In interior design it is the same, when a client walks in to our showroom we take them through a journey and whether they are just browsing through fabrics for their sofa or require the services of an interior designer we make sure that they get a full experience where they feel at ease with whatever they need.

Is it challenging for you to compete with the companies of your own country? Do you feel ready to enter competition on international level?

Definitely challenging. As we have mentioned the Bahraini market is a rather small market saturated with interior designers which makes it rather hard to penetrate but it is all about finding the niche in the market for the type of product and service you are offering. Having a presence in international markets is one of our long term goals and when the time is right and the right opportunity comes along we will definitely go for it.

Lately the phrase “affordable luxury” is widely used, do you think that it is appropriate for your business industry?

Personally, we do not think that there is anything wrong with "affordable luxury" as long as the experience provided is still a luxurious experience. We have worked on projects with clients with limited budgets and on the other hand we have had clients with rather large budgets, the end product will differ but the experience remains the same. The true danger that jeopardizes the luxury market is the over use of the word "luxury" where it is not appropriate and we think that truly dilutes its meaning hence affecting all luxury providers in the market.

What are the 5 pillars does the luxury brand like yours build its policy on?

1. Quality; you can’t compromise quality when you are offering a high end product. No one wants a sofa or a coffee table that falls apart two months down the line, that would be truly unacceptable.

2. Service; we make sure to greet our clients with a smile on our faces, that makes them feel comfortable about talking to us about their needs.

3. Knowledge; knowing what you have on offer is vital to ensure that your clients are confident in you hence putting their minds at ease.

4. Originality; making sure that what we have on offer is truly unique.

5. Transparency; we find it vital to be clear and honest with our clients, it gives them assurance and confidence in a very challenging sector of the market.

These are the basis that we have built our company on and through them we have managed to give our clients a luxury experience.

Tell us 3 reasons why you decided to work in the sphere of luxury?

Passion, this is the main driver as we truly appreciate the meaning of a high end product and service. In addition to a gap in the market for such services and last but not least the drive to offer something different and an experience that is rather unique.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration is all around us, it can be anywhere and in any form. It comes from our clients, our products and even our environment, it is just about being in the right frame of mind to be inspired.

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