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Ms. Paria Ghorashi: “The Luxury Lifestyle Awards offers beauty brands the unique opportunity”

We are happy to introduce the founder of Blowout&Go - Ms. Paria Ghorashi. Blowout&Go has become an Official Beauty Partner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2016 Middle East & Africa. So we asked Ms. Paria Ghorashi to share her points of view concerning beauty, luxury, modern trends and influence of the Awards.

Why did you decide to start a career in a luxury business? What was your previous experience?

Before starting Blowout&Go, I spent more than 10 years working in the luxury fashion sector as both a designer and buyer. Beauty has always been an important component of the luxury market and I discovered an opportunity to make beauty more accessible for women who have hectic schedules balancing life, career and motherhood. After having my first child I found it nearly impossible to maintain my normal beauty routine and thought how much easier it would be if the beauty could come to my door and that’s where the idea for Blowout&Go was born.

You worked a lot in Europe. Were there any difficulties while launching Blowout&Go services in UAE region?

When we launched Blowout&Go there was an immediate positive response. We’ve been quite lucky to have most of our new business come from satisfied clients, who have been spreading the word about the services we provide to their friends, thus building an extensive client base of celebrities, businesswomen, mothers and any women who wants some personal pampering.

What are the trends in a luxury market for the past 5 years?

One of the most important trends I have seen over the past 5 years that has greatly impacted the luxury market is accessibility. This is what the Blowout&Go business model is built upon, the idea of accessible luxury. Brands have been extending their reach into new territories, both geographically and digitally. This extensive reach is developing new ways for brands to market to modern consumers. I find this exciting because it challenges brands, both old and new to rethink their approach to providing luxury and redefining what it means in a modern age.

Is it correct to say that people used to change the definition of the beauty?

This is a very interesting question. I think traditional definitions of beauty are definitely evolving. With so many different digital platforms now at our fingertips, we are constantly being exposed to new cultures, ideas and representations of beauty that I think are developing a more global and diverse definition of what beauty is today.

To your opinion, what opportunities gives the Luxury Lifestyle Awards to the beauty brands?

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards offers beauty brands the unique opportunity to have their brand represented and recognized amongst their fellow peers in the luxury sector. It’s also a great opportunity to exchange ideas and build relationships with other brands for future initiatives.

What would you suggest to the new beauty brands competing for the Golden Crown?

What has accounted for Blowout&Go’s success thus far is our commitment to listening and engaging with our clients. I would encourage all beauty brands that before anything else, put your client first and listen to their needs, this will allow you to deliver a product or service they want from your brand. Once you discover your niche in the market, focus on that to build your brand and then let it organically grow and evolve with the changes of trends within the market.

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