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Only best companies and brands which meet requirements of sophisticated and demanding consumers of luxury goods and services become the nominees and winners of the award.
The goal of this unique Award is to form an open, transparent and professional market of luxury goods and services on the territory of European countries, and development of international cooperation.

For the “Golden Crown” nominees only gold-filtered mineral water

We are happy to welcome Babak Alikaram, General Manager of regional office of Gize in Dubai. Mr. Alikaram coordinates the regional sales and distribution of Gize, the luxury mineral water from Canada, as well as of an extensive non-alcoholic beverage portfolio in the premium segment - in the Middle East countries and Africa. Mr. Alikaram brings many years of experience in the beverage segment as well as in international sales.

Hi, Mr. Alikaram,

1. Please tell us, what do you think about the opportunities which can Luxury Lifestyle Awards bring to regional brands and companies? How can it improve their recognition in the luxury world?

Recognition is also confirmation! International awards can help a brand to demonstrate the exceptional quality, flavour and/or design - even in the international arena. We are very proud that Gize has won multiple international awards since its launch in 2010 - the World Luxury Award, Gold Pentaward, Water Innovations Award or Gulfood Award here in Dubai – just to mention some.

2. We know that Gize is a unique mineral water from Canada. Do you consider all luxury products should be unique?

Yes, definitely. Speaking about Gize there are a number of things worthy of mention. Our source in Nova Scotia in Canada boasts a very long tradition. It is one of the oldest sources in North America, and was revered by the Mi'kmaq people as a fountain of youth. As you can see, the quality of the mineral water is exceptional. In addition, Gize is not only available as still and sparkling, but also offers a sophisticated selection of flavours. And last but not least, Gize is the only water in the world that is refined using a special gold-filtering process. All of these features make Gize something very special: a non-alcoholic luxury drink that offers pleasure in its purest form for sophisticated gourmets and connoisseurs.

3. You have a great experience in expanding into international markets. Could you give a few pieces of advice to the new companies?

With regards to the Middle East – this region is well known for its high density of luxurious and exclusive locations and has a tradition of luxury and conspicuous consumption. For any company within this business, but especially for the new ones, it is important to be credible in order to win the consumer. A product has to be unique and outstanding to be well positioned in the Middle East. With regards to sales locations luxury beverages are the ideal product for all places where consumers interested in luxury can be found – be they palaces, exclusive hotels, fine restaurants, clubs or lounges, not to mention first-class caterers, delicatessens and spas. But we also want people to experience luxury in the privacy of their own home and to know which products to choose for special occasions and to be able to order these internationally.

4. How would you describe the evolution of the luxury market in the next few years? Do you see any trends or troubles that get more and more important nowadays?

Luxury is booming around the globe, particularly in the Middle East. The desire and enjoyment evoked by exquisite taste that tickles all the senses from the eyes to the palate are ever-present. Many products today are labelled as luxurious, but what does luxury imply and do we need to categorize within the category? I think it is important to be outstanding and to give the consumer a clear picture of what he is buying – a brand, a service, a unique offer. Gize epitomizes luxury and pure pleasure – two things which are valued all over the world. We offer Gize in its classic, pristine form with and without carbonation, but also in four exciting flavours to ensure multifaceted enjoyment. Gize gives customers the possibility to enjoy and celebrate with a fine and luxurious beverage that is not wine or champagne.

5. Do you believe that high-quality water helps in generating creative ideas and developing successful plans?

Yes. We all know that hydration, especially in the form of high-quality water, such as natural mineral water, is most beneficial for health, brain function and therefore also supportive in generating creative ideas. If we look closer at minerals we see how each one positively affects certain areas in our body, and that the right combination of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate for example benefit mental performance as well as concentration and help prevent sleepiness or exhaustion.

There is a growing trend towards exclusive products in the non-alcoholic beverage market. Guests who prefer non-alcoholic drinks are very delighted if you are able to offer them an exclusive high-quality drink instead of run-of-the-mill soft-drinks and juices. We also see an increasing consumer demand for excellent quality and taste combined with stylish design.

6. What are the further plans for Gize in the next year?

We are delighted by the feedback we receive worldwide and in the Middle East in particular. Canadian products enjoy a high status in the Middle East. It is our goal to establish Gize as a non-alcoholic counterpart to beverages such as champagne, fine wines etc. So we are looking forward to receiving further interesting business opportunities.

7. What are your impression of being a partner of such event as Luxury Lifestyle Awards?

Gize is the ideal product for all places that are exclusive and luxurious. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards give us a perfect platform to present our luxury mineral water to professionals from across the region. We are very happy to be official partner of this exclusive event.

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