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Only best companies and brands which meet requirements of sophisticated and demanding consumers of luxury goods and services become the nominees and winners of the award.
The goal of this unique Award is to form an open, transparent and professional market of luxury goods and services on the territory of European countries, and development of international cooperation.


You have a pretty intricate career. Let's talk a bit about it. After the crisis in 2008 you had a hard time looking for a job and eventually moved to Bali. How did that happen? Were you intentionally looking for a job outside Ukraine?

In fact, early 2010 I realized that there was not much possibilities to find good job in Ukraine. Since that time, I started to explore options to move abroad as an employee. Beside ordinary job searching (mostly Internet), I informed all my friends that I was looking job overseas. As result, one of them offered me to move to Bali for working in some timeshare travel company. I didn't think much and immediately accepted that idea.

You worked in a bank, on a TV show, in a timeshare company. When did you realize you want to have your own company and how did you manage to open it? Where did you find resources and people necessary to launch the business?

As you know, I moved to Bali for working in timeshare company, I had a contract for 6 months. But after a couple of months I realized that Bali is the island of opportunities. So I decided to open own business - travel company for mostly Russian speaking tourists.

I invited my good friend Dmitry Nakonechniuk to start business together. We had some money to launch the project which we spent for recruiting some workers, registration of company etc.

It was exciting times and I can say we started from the scratch.

How successful is your business at the moment? Are you satisfied with your current results?

I guess business is quite successful now. Our The Seven Agency shows consistent progress from year to year. We have branches in some countries, quite big, happy and effective team. But the most important is we have big idea and appropriate goals.

Am I satisfied with the current results? No, until we reach our goals.

What further plans do you have for the Seven Group? Are you going to expand your business somehow?

Let's speak in line with The Seven Agency, not The Seven Group (as we join Luxury Lifestyle Awards as an Event Agency).

Here at The Seven Agency, we have three ambitious but simple targets for future years:

Target 1. To become #1 destination wedding planner in the world (that's mean - to organize wedding events for those who getting married abroad).

Target 2. To become #1 wedding planner in the world (that's mean - to organize wedding events for those who getting married in their home towns).

Target 3. To become #1 wedding planner for world's elite : celebrities, politicians etc.

We aware that achieving these targets will take a lot of things but after all it will make us the best.

Do you miss your homeland? Are you planning to come back and invest into local businesses anytime?

About miss - yes, I do. My parents and some family are there.

About investing or coming back - to be honest, not really. I became some kind of citizen of the world. For example, now I'm typing this words from 5000 meters, somewhere beneath Aconcagua mountain, in the tent with Kuwaiti tent-mate :) I have beloved Indonesian wife, kids, friends from around the world.

Not sure that I'm coming back to Ukraine.

What can you say about your competitors? What makes you different and outstanding if compared to them? Do they influence the way you're doing your business?

I'm sure that competition makes stronger any company. That's why, I have exceptionally positive attitude regarding our competitors.

What is our main difference comparing to the other wedding or event planners? Majority of them organise events with wide help of freelancers and many vendors.

But The Seven Agency has quite big full-time team : florists, photographers, make up artists and many more work as a part of our team. We believe that only in that way we can be sure about quality that we provide. And quality in this business is the core of everything.

That's why we are even opening our own catering company Los Siete early next year.

Your company has been nominated for the Golden Crown. Has your company ever been awarded before? How important it is to have such recognition awards in your industry?

We have never had such awards. Being young company, we are just in the beginning of our big way. Our the most important reward that we got is priceless trust of our clients : only during past 3 years we have organized more than 2000 events. We are very proud of it.

We are happy and excited about this nomination! We hope we have chances to win the award.

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