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Only best companies and brands which meet requirements of sophisticated and demanding consumers of luxury goods and services become the nominees and winners of the award.
The goal of this unique Award is to form an open, transparent and professional market of luxury goods and services on the territory of European countries, and development of international cooperation.

NOBRAND becomes an Exclusive Creative Partner of the 2016 Middle East and Africa Awards

Luxury Lifestyle Awards proudly presents an Exclusive Creative Partner of the 2016 Middle East and Africa Awards:

NOBRAND is a global creative agency specialized in luxury branding and hospitality. Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon at the famous landmark “The Blue House”, it offers tailor-made branding (luxury brand development, brand positioning, restaurant concepts, and strategic communication), web solutions (web design and development, e-commerce applications, optimization, and e-branding consulting) and app development for esteemed clientele throughout the Middle East and the Gulf mainly, and with projects performed around the globe.

From concept to success. From local clients to regional and international clients. This is our story!

Elie Saab international account marked the success of Nobrand. And gave Nobrand an international exposure. Soon later Nobrand’s clients included everyone from princes and princesses to Hollywood royalty, aristocrats, fashion houses, designers and celebrities of the Middle East, Gulf and Europe. Representing a cross section of the arts including fashion, visual arts, culinary and the hospitality industry, our clients are regularly featured in “best of” design round ups in the international press.


It has become de rigeur for companies to claim to be ‘Bespoke’. Unfortunately few in this business practice what they preach. It’s easy to claim each project is unique but clients often find themselves pigeonholed by what we call “template designers” who insist the tired old designs they’re pushing are fresh and unique. The art of neutrality is our starting point. Your product is unique and exciting and it deserves a designer’s full attention and creativity. Our very name reflects our philosophy; we don’t bring our personal brand to the creative process. The starting point is NOBRAND; our neutrality is our greatest asset, allowing us to highlight your greatest assets without prejudice.


1. We put customer’s priorities as our top priorities.
2. We provide great service, and we make sure client’s needs are satisfied.
3. We provide international quality that is based on high standards.
4. We deliver on time, and above client’s expectations.
5. We have very competitive pricing, as to the quality.
6. We use the latest reliable technologies.
7. We go beyond conclusions to deliver the state of the art solutions.
8. We hire professionals to guarantee high quality.
9. We are hired to provide excellence, and excellence is what we deliver.


Always going against the clichéd grain, Nobrand adds a special spark. We don’t believe in confining our creativity to conventional approaches. Trailblazers to the core, we believe in the power of unconventional branding. Successful branding is rooted in creating an experience. To achieve that, a solid, attention grabbing brand identity and awareness are essential. And guerrilla tactics can help make this happen.

By using atypical approaches, unexpected places and thought-provoking engagement, Nobrand taps into the potential of unconventional branding. Given our clientele (luxury brands and hospitality), we tailor these surprising innovative tactics to best mirror each brand’s niche nature and exclusivity.

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