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Luxury Lifestyle Awards is honored to announce Fu He Hui – one of Luxury Restaurant of China category participant. Fu He Hui is the new premium destination serving the very best in vegetarian fine dining with a modern Chinese outtake in cuisine.

The three-stored restaurant is located at the busy junction of Changning and Jing’an Districts. Upon entering the cavern of solace, a calmness and quietness washes over you, the messy street noise replaced by a blanket of Zen-like serenity. At Fu He Hui, their philosophy is to be healthy and environmentally friendly while providing a peaceful escape.

Opulent could be one way to describe the setting – wide spaces and high ceilings with antique furniture and decorative pieces from the marble table to carved Buddha and painted vases – and yet, it remains minimalistic. The restaurant extends over three floors of private dining rooms that can accommodate groups of 4-12 people, an open dining area and an opulent premium dining room for 18 persons at a gigantic custom made marble table. The marble table was tailor-made to include a water feature and island in the center for candles and flowing water. As the first course is served, dry ice is added to the water feature, creating a billowing misty effect that flows towards diners.

Fu He Hui pays the highest respect to quality ingredients as well artistic creation in presentation, using local ingredients for their Chinese inclined menu with modern plating. Think gingko, yams, wild vegetables, truffles, pomelo, buckwheat pasta, quail egg and as many as ten kinds of mushrooms with intricate plating and you’ll have an idea of their cuisine.

Fu He Hui only serves three multi-course set menus, priced at RMB380, RMB680 and RMB880. The menu is tailored to include a selection of unique courses that are each distinct in flavor, style and design. Each course also maintains nourishing ingredients that replenish the body’s nutrients, like the bamboo pith soup, a clear broth rich in collagen and seasoned with herbs.

Another highlight in the menu is the mushroom pie, which features a blend of assorted mushrooms, fresh peas and blended yam, coated with a sweet layer of sauce. Savoring the texture, you can almost tell apart the different mushrooms used in this savory vegetarian pie, but the culmination of flavors leaves a wonderment to be bestowed upon each diner.

Fu He Hui is not only about great food and a desirably peaceful atmosphere, but it is also about discovery – to discover the pleasures of fine cuisine, and for that meat inclined to discover the hidden pleasures in this healthy option.

Address: 1037 Yuyuan Lu, near Jiangsu Lu, Changning District

Phone: 86 21 3980 9188

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