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Only best companies and brands which meet requirements of sophisticated and demanding consumers of luxury goods and services become the nominees and winners of the award.
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When did you realize you want to connect your life with jewellery, particularly by creating a jewellery brand?

I get in touch with jewellery since very early age with my mother’s jewellery box. After I grew up, and couldn’t find the jewelry I was looking for, I decided to design my own. Chara Wen was founded in 2009. “Chara” means God’s blessing and joy, and wen is my last name. Chara Wen includes four collections: Gift of Love, Earth, Fashion Muse, and Classic collections. Gift of Love collection is symbolized by ribbons, and a major stone, as a gift to express emotion. Earth collection is all elements of Earth such as, flowers, plants, birds and insects. Fashion Muse collection is based on the fashion elements and inspired by the exquisite detail from the fashion world. Classic collection is combined with Art Deco and Modern Art designs.

How did you come to the final philosophy behind your pieces of jewellery, which combine technical craftsmanship, irregular arrangement and other unusual approaches?

Chara Wen represents “Love”, and “Blessing”. Every piece of Chara Wen jewellery is hidden a heart-shaped Ruby, which represents Love and Blessing. Therefore, Chara Wen is a perfect gift for ourselves and someone you love. My daughter Krystal was my inspiration of creation, so Chara Wen is the gift for my daughter Krystal. Base on the painting of Krystal, I was inspired and created so many pieces of jewellery and watches. Chara Wen is not only a name of a brand, but also represents the love from a mother.

You take inspiration from your daughter's paintings. Did the same happen with every collection?

My daughter’s paintings could be inspirations for my every collection.

Our nominees often tell in their interviews that the main requirements for a successful luxury business is passion and commitment. Do you agree with such statement and why?

Yes, I would definitely agree this statement. Art, beauty, and jewellery are what I love, and my passion comes from. My commitment is to provide every woman the most unique, and beautiful jewellery piece.

What do you enjoy most in your work as the owner of the Chara Wen brand?

When my creativities become real products, and customers love my work.

What are your further plans for Chara Wen? Are you going to present a new collection anytime soon?

Develop Chara Wen to be a strong and well-known international brand. A new collection could be released anytime. Basically, launch new collections twice a year.

Your brand is often covered in media. But has it received any awards like Golden Crown before?

One of my piece, the “Gift of Love – Surprise” jewellery watch was auctioned in Hong Kong Sotheby's for 1,840,000 HKD (roughly 23,700 USD), 2.6 times the starting price. The watch has more than 2,300 round brilliant-cut and rose-cut diamonds surrounding the heart-shaped 4.87-karat emerald main stone.

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