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Only best companies and brands which meet requirements of sophisticated and demanding consumers of luxury goods and services become the nominees and winners of the award.
The goal of this unique Award is to form an open, transparent and professional market of luxury goods and services on the territory of European countries, and development of international cooperation.


When your brand was born and how did it become popular?

Lee Hwa Jewellery was established in 1970 and from day one have had great acumen for identifying gaps in the market. For instance, we were the first jeweller in Singapore to popularise contemporary diamond jewellery set in 18k white gold. As a result, we quickly became a trendsetter and established a strong connection with ladies who wanted to express themselves through our modern jewellery designs. We have since introduced many more innovative pieces through our jewellery designs, manufacturing techniques and shopping experience.

You have been long sticking to the innovations in jewellery. What it takes to innovate in this industry? Do you feel there's still enough opportunities for innovations in the future?

We are a strong believer in innovation. We believe when one stops innovating, one will stagnate and eventually regress.

Our CEO is a visionary leader. Apart from jewellery, he has successfully launched new innovations in the real estate and financial services industries. Hence, the innovative spirit exists at the top and flows down the company. We also hire forward thinking executives to complement our strong desire to continuously innovate.

Despite the strong competition today, we truly believe there are still many opportunities for innovations because many players are still doing the same things for decades if not centuries.

You are also an exclusive distributor of many international brands. How did you manage to partner with them exclusively?

Lee Hwa Jewellery is a recognized leader in our industry. We take pride in the fact that today we enjoy the biggest market share in the fine jewellery segment. Despite this strong position, however, we do listen to our partners and work closely with them to introduce new products in the marketplace. These successful partnerships have in-turn attracted more interest from other international brands exploring collaborations with us. Naturally, exclusivity will ensure our commitment to success.

Your brand often participates in international events like London Fashion Week, Singapore Fashion Festival and others. Having such strong reputation, coverage and fame, do you still feel the need to market your jewellery in other ways?

Marketing plays a crucial role in the world of luxury. In order for us to maintain our number one position, grow and enhance our iconic brand and stay ahead of the competition, our progressive marketing initiatives are key. It is only through our partnership with leading events and festivals around the world, do consumers remember our brand and know we will progress and evolve with time – this consistent brand recall is critical to us.

What is the company's further strategy on the market? Any plans to expand it somehow (for instance, geographically) or get more exclusive brands to partner with?

We have a regional expansion plan, which is dependent on the economic progress of Asia. Currently, we have expanded to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and intend to ultimately have presence in all major Asian cities.

In manufacturing, we have formed a strategic partnership with Niessing from Germany, which is famed for her innovations in tension ring design and multi-coloured gold alloys. Together, we hope to bring further new exciting innovations to the world soon.

We are currently in talks with another European brand to expand in Asia. We will make the necessary announcements when the details are firmed up.

Your company has been nominated for the Best Jewellery Brand at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards Asia 2015. Do such awards still matter for companies working so many years in the industry? How?

That’s a good question. We did ask ourselves how the Luxury Lifestyle Awards would benefit us. We decided to participate because we believe that if we do win this international award, it will be an honour and a great acknowledgement of all the great work we have done for the luxury jewellery sector. We will also be able to share this global recognition with our loyal customers who will be delighted to know the brand they have been shopping with is officially recognized for her achievements.

Also, if we do win, we hope this award will drive us to scale newer heights. We certainly look forward to the award night!

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