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If you are on the Borneo island and want to feel reinvigorated and have your body pampered with oils and herbs, Jari Jari Spa will do that for you in the best way possible. Visit its quiet place in Kota Kinabalu and experience the wonderfully designed environment full of sandstone, wild jungle plants and Borneo hardwood.

What makes the massages at Jari Jari Spa special is that it was taken from the local culture. One of the most well-known ones are Palm of Hand and Tanggara, originally invented by the Dusuns, the largest cultural group of people at North orneo.

The authenticity of the services provided at Jari Jari Spa is what eventually made them so popular, successful and award-winning. And now they are to increase the number of award by one more — the Golden Crown award. For that, Jari Jari Spa has joined the nominee and attendee list of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards Asia Gala Ceremony 2015!

At Jari Jari Spa, we believe that healing therapies should be a holistic experience, leaving guests relaxed and refreshed mentally, physically and spiritually. The Jari Jari experience begins as soon as guests enter the Spa, where the beautiful and relaxing environment ensures that the healing process starts even before the therapist has begun.

Lush tropical plants and artfully placed stones echoing the stone megaliths traditionally erected by the Dusun as a symbol of power and prestige, create a distinctively Bornean ambience. Water splashes gently into a basin, its gentle murmur a counterpoint to barely perceptible Asian flute music in the background. Woven trays displaying some of the healing plants used in the Spa include fresh rhizomes such as the medicinally powerful member of the ginger family, turmeric, as well as regular fresh ginger, served in the Spa’s relaxing welcome drink, a Layo tea. The aromas of lemon grass, fragrant screw pine leaf and jasmine blend with the perfumed oil being gently heated in burners to provide a soothing and sensuous atmosphere, the perfect backdrop to the Ethnic Borneo Massage experience.

For the indigenous people of Borneo, massage is an integral part of daily life, with massages done before going to work and in the evening after a hard day’s labour in the rice fields. Massage is also given during pregnancy and after pregnancy, and both young and elderly receive massage to promote health and to impart a sense of well-being that is central to enjoying a long and healthy life.

Jari Jari Spa has selected some of the most effective and sought-after techniques used by the Dusun tribe, and developed three signature treatments which are the highlights of its Ethnic Borneo Massage. And because guests seek massage for a wide range of reasons, Jari Jari Spa offers a range of other Borneo-based treatments designed for specific needs.

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