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Only best companies and brands which meet requirements of sophisticated and demanding consumers of luxury goods and services become the nominees and winners of the award.
The goal of this unique Award is to form an open, transparent and professional market of luxury goods and services on the territory of European countries, and development of international cooperation.


Your brand has received more than ten design awards for the last 25 years. Which of them were most prominent and most affecting your business in your opinion? Which was the most challenging? Which ones of them you proud of most?

During my younger days I've received numerous awards both in Jewellery and arts, the award that both me and my wife are most proud of is the DIA- De Beers International Awards, it is the most prestigious awards where all jewellery designers dream to achieve. In fact both of our designs have entered for final judging in London and Paris.

This year we’ve decided to take part in Creative ASEAN Jewellery Design Competition 2015 that was organised by IPOS an ECAP. It was challenge for us to fabricate the design retaining the natural look of the branches yet incorporating flexibility and comfort upon wearing for our 'Ever Foliage' collection.

When Singapore IPOS office announce 2 of our pieces came in top 5 in Singapore under the national phrase, we were all overwhelmed, as this shows a form of recognition in our creativity. We are proud and honoured that our 'Ever Foliage' was awarded as the winner representing Singapore for the regional phrase. As this is an ASEAN competition, we were given the privileged to exhibit our award-winning piece in Bangkok’s International gem fair, a good platform for us to penetrate into the international market as well as international publications coverage.

One of the ways you market your jewellery is through offering it as a great investment opportunity. How does it happen? Do you, for example, get invited by asset management companies to give speeches?

Being a pioneer in bespoke haute joaillerie, we soon realise the importance of fine precious untreated gems that can be a good form of investment, as 90% of the world gemstones have undergone through treatments to enhance its beauty. True beauty are rare as it depends on the creation of Mother Earth, once the mine depleted, the high quality gems will become legendary. The inspiration of jewel arts derive from fine arts that will appreciate over time. By combining arts and gems, both will appreciate in time to come into fine Jewellery arts pieces - wearable sculpture. Moreover, one can enjoy wearing it with little maintenance eventually becoming heirloom pieces. Over the years we were known for our gems collection and fine Jewellery pieces, we were proud to be invited by a reputable asset management company in Beijing to a high society private event, introducing our company and this new wave of investment arts to their members.

Tell us more about your coffee book project. So you made a coffee book offered in different jewellery houses all over the world, right? How did you come to this idea? What effect did you expect from it and did you achieve it? Did it help to boost sales?

As all our bespoke design and signature collections are all uniquely different in style, we would like to keep these designs as a forever memory and to share this joy with the collectors. That gave us the idea to make it to limited collection coffee table book. Being the first jewellery coffee table book in our region, it is distributed Asia wide in reputable book stall placing next to other international jewellery house as ‘best collection’. Surprisingly this brought in some new overseas customers to us which greatly improved our sales, making our brand no stranger to the international trade.

It is obvious that you are very creative in terms of ways to promote your jewellery. How often do you come with new projects and how does it happen? Do you have any recent interesting project to tell us about?

We actually come up with projects every 4 months or so. These projects can come in many forms, from creating a new whole collection to making jewellery for royalties. There is one particular project that left an everlasting impression was a brooch made for the Queen of Thailand, Queen Sirikit for her 80th birthday. We have to understand the history and culture to incorporate some Thai culture into designing an Art Deco brooch for her. As it is for her 80th birthday we have the brooch made with total of 8ct of diamonds and of 8 cm in size. Other royalty projects such as, 2 rings for the Sultan of Johor for his coronation and currently working on a tiara for a princess.

Let's talk now about the quality of your works. You state that your gemstones are always genuine and synthetic-free. How do you achieve such top quality?

We strongly believe in giving our utmost to our customers, thus we feel it is our duty to use only genuine and synthetic-free gemstones. All gemstones are tested in our in-house gem laboratory to make sure they are natural and free from treatment. Before sending it to international lab for certifications.

On top of that, for 0.03ct diamonds and above are all hand picked with Hearts and Arrows. We also ensure every piece of our diamonds are tested to ensure they are a natural diamond. Being the first in the region to trademark ‘Synthetic Free Diamonds’, following by hallmarks for our products and invoices. This is to give assurance to our customers their purchases are of high quality and genuine.

Your jewellery pieces are very innovative. How does the innovation process take place in your company? How do you think of new jewellery pieces and collections?

In Caratell we never believe in plagiarism, thus, each design have to be original and practical. The selected design have to pass through a series of stringent test in ergonomic, practicality, functionality and most of all, beauty. We always like to have a breakthrough in our creation, therefore most of our pieces are interchangeable where one can wear it with different aspect, such as ring transforms into pendant or earring, another example where bracelet transform into pendant and earring. For that we are constantly striving to invent new technique to achieve a higher level of fabrication. Each jewellery piece and collection always give us a sense of pure satisfactory upon completion. Every creation becomes an inspiration for the next, it’s ever evolving.

We know that you are also related to some discoveries in the mining area. Tell us more about it.

As a gemologist, exploring to the different mining area, allows us to gain an insight on gems formation, rarity, type of gems that was found in certain mine, as well as the type of treatment used. Of course going to these field trip experience would lead to certain discoveries that you would never experience in the trading ground. Such as our trip to Ratnapura in Sri Lanka, we were surprising to come across pale yellow sapphires rough that were dug up, would turn into marvelous blue sapphire after heat treatment. Another discovery that did shocked us though was the beautiful colour changing Zircons from blue to green are highly natural irradiated as they are found near the uranium mine in Myanmar and it releases high levels of radiation, making it unsafe to wear. Unfortunately, most miners and traders are not professionally trained and were oblivious to the danger of this. Aghast by this revelation, we immediately went back to inform them. A mine might not be an ideal holiday but it’s sure a place to gain vast knowledge from.

What are your future plans for the Caratell brand?

Our plans for Caratell is for it to assert itself beyond our region. We wish to develop into an international brand, not only known for fine quality gems but also exquisite designs, maintaining the art of handcrafted jewellery. Most importantly, a brand that is highly looked upon for values of undying honesty that helps customers to understand and appreciate their purchase. We welcome any overseas retailers that shares the same passions and views, to house our brand in their boutique. As jewellery is not only luxury product for one to indulge in but also to be mesmerised by the beauty of each creation.

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